The Final Essai – Brainstorm

The boys have started to put their thoughts towards the final piece. After a brainstorm the boys refined their first working idea around the following ideas:

  • The film can be set in the Nautical School premises
  • A group of boys are forgotten and left in a detention-style setting – they find themselves locked into a now-deserted school
  • The film begins in an ordinary school day scenario and becomes increasingly menacing through the use of mystery and hinted-at explanations
  • The boys develop into “Lord of the Flies” type factions
  • Camera techniques use the idea of a ‘found camera’ a la Cloverfield and the effect of static security-type cameras
  • Characters may go missing
  • Strange noises and events increase the sense of menace
  • Mystery is built through the use of music and sounds in the building
  • Real-life scenes of the school are used as part of the film, creating a strong sense of authenticity
  • Loss of contact with the outside world through the removal of phones
  • They read the book The Lord of the Flies and it starts to reveal their plight

Next week we’re going to look at a couple of film examples that uses techniques like that or have a similar premise:

  • Excerpts from: The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, The Lord of the Flies and others.




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