Sam’s Example Script Beginning

The story

Afternoon, towards the end of the day.

We begin by setting the scene – an old school building in the heart of London.

We see shots of the BT tower, millennium wheel and busy London streets.

Inside the school boys and teachers are finishing the day (real shots) we notice the nautical theme of the school (cutaways of historical detail).

The camera settles on a boy making his way through the corridors – it’s calm and empty, but we are aware of students and teachers in classes in the background.

He makes his way down to the bottom of the building, to the drama studio.

A class is working in the drama room he enters and joins the group.

The teacher is talking, its clear that the lesson is about to end.


“OK, the final task I want to set you today, is to…

[insert dialogue here]

close-up on teachers face, with the door behind him in view


Can I trust you to work together on this while I go and collect the confiscated phones from the office?”

The boys murmur agreement, keen to be reunited with their phones. The room is quiet.

We hold the close-up on the Teacher, He turns around and walks out. The camera holds the shot, so it lingers on the door closing behind him (the audience and the boys do not know it yet, but the door will not open again for some time) emphasizing it closing is the first clue.

After the door closes, and the teacher is out of ear shot the room erupts in noise and messing about.

Some boys are being boisterous and messing about, others are calm. One is sitting alone in the corner, quietly reading a book – CLOSE-UP of the cover  – its Lord of the Flies (this fore-shadows later events). The boy glances around the room uneasily – perhaps he already sees the parallels between the two.

We cut to an exterior wide shot from the courtyard, looking down into the drama studio, and the chaos inside. The bars on the window suggest that the boys are trapped in a dungeon like room, but this is still not revealed.

A caretaker walks across the frame, past all the boys down in the room. The camera cuts to the caretaker entering a corridor from outside. Its quiet for a moment, but then the bell goes.

Cut to ‘real shots’ of the school emptying out  – classes dismissed, boys running out of the gates, teachers pack up etc.

Cut back to the wide exterior of the drama studio – the boys are still inside.  Some are sitting against the wall, others still running about.

Cut inside the drama studio –

The boys are discussing where the teacher has got to, he’s been gone for a while, and they think the school day may have ended…

They agree to go looking for him.

Close up of the boy who decides to go (this shot matches exactly the earlier shot of the teacher leaving), only this time, when he gets to the door, it won’t open.

CLOSE-UP of the door handle being turned, but not opening.


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