First Scene


Its a normal school afternoon at LNS, the bell has just gone to signal the end of the day, and a shot from the six form area shows children leaving the school. When the last of the children have descended from the school, a shot from the front of the school, saying London nautical school (showing were its set) pans to a window (Which gives the impression children are in there)

The shot then goes into a room were children are sitting a detention, boredom possessing them, and as time passes by, the children fidget , a fading in and out  shot shows time passing, eventually the silence breaks:

a teacher knocks on the door, the teacher holding the children in the detention signals him/her to come in, he/she murmurs to the teacher, the detention teachers face goes blank:

“Don’t you boys dare move a muscle, ill be back soon”. he/she then briefly collects everybody’s phone. The teacher closes the door, and quickly looks back at the children who stare straight back at him/her. the teacher frowns and locks the door. A rare second of silence commences, slowly and calmly, a boy starts to scrunch up a piece of paper which he had been writing lines on, he scans the classroom and locks on to a “geek” who is sitting up straight, well postured and on his third page of immaculately written lines. He is reading The lord of flies.

“Oi neek, catch” He shouts, the “geek” suddenly turns around only to receive a scrunched up piece of paper in his face, immediately the room is filled with laughter and scrunches up paper being thrown around the room, the class goes wild.

After hours of mayhem the children slouch in there chairs and start to become suspicious of the time its taken for the teacher to return.

“i swear this was only meant to be a half hour detention” The children around the boy frown. Little did they know this was a beginning to the longest night of their lives.


The ‘geek’  is now sobbing, half the class goes up to comfort him while the other giggles and start cussing him while another aggressor throws a metal sharpener at  his nose which causes him to bruise. the ‘good’ guys scowl aggressively at them. After intensive care from the good guys, the bad guys get bored:

“Ah. this is so dead, lets go man, were trapped here”. The bad boys get up, laughing at the injured boy and try to the open the door.

“its locked” one boy says, the boys are speechless for a second, realising the lights in the school have turned off and the exit is locked.
“were trapped in the school” again the boys are silent. suddenly a boy slams his foot on the door, nothing happens. The boys start shouting in distress.
“move out the way, man” a boy steppes back and lunges forward at the door, the door swings open and the bad boys cheer,   while the good boys groan over there rudeness and carelessness of the others
“so were trapped in the school, were are you lot actually going?”

“To have fun, unlike you neeks”, as the bad boys were leaving, they heard the good boys muttering about getting food…
“oi guys” one of the bad boys said to another “there going to take all the food, what are we gunna do?”

Some boys laughed,

“Mate, if you want to be with us, don’t act like a neek, well just take there food after they’ve got it”! He signals a stupid face at him, the others laugh”.


About Christopher Waugh

Challenging the norms of secondary teaching. Publishing every single thing my students and I create. Live in Wanaka, New Zealand - the best place in the world.

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