First Scene by Ed

Film club script

First scene

We see little p.o.v of a teacher shots looking into classrooms and a couple of tracking foot shots. All of this leads up to the detention room where we hear the pips go. The teacher gets the room ready for a detention. He picks up a box and gets ready to collect phones. We see pupils starting to arrive there are little speed up between each pupil putting their phone in the box. Then when everyone has arrived

Teacher: Is that everyone

Most of the pupils murmur yes

Teacher: Ok then I’m going to take these phones to my office

Pupil 1: sir. Are you allowed to do that?

Teacher: yes. It’s…its part of our new authority. (Saying this unsure)

Pupil 1: oh

We then see the door shut and a close up shot on a key locking the door for the detention room.  We now see the time go by. We start to see chunks of the book (lord of the flies) get read by the boy at the back.Andthen the students realise sir has no came back.

Pupil 3: Is it me or has sir been away for a while.

Pupil 2: he’s properly lodged us.

Pupil 1: I’m going to see where he is.

Pupil then walks to the door and finds it is locked.

Pupil 1: it’s locked

Pupil 3: let me try

Pupil 3 tries to open the door but instead fails.

Pupil 1: told you

Then a pupil from the back of the classroom and gets up and knocks the door down.

Pupil 3: Oh that was easy

Pupil 4: let’s get out of this place

Everyone starts to gather their bags and head out the door. Shot changes and we see the pupils walk into darkness. We then see a growing amount of light from pupil’s phones.

Pupil 7: why are the lights not on?

Pupil 6: don’t worry about that. Where is the switch to them?

Pupil 8: here it is

Lights then light up. And pupil 4 runs up the stairs looking for Nina (receptionist)

Pupil 2: that was easy

Pupil 3: are we in school by alone.

Pupil 1: I think so

Pupil 4 is walking back down the stairs

Pupil 4: Nina’s not there.

Pupil 5: so we have the school to are self’s







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