the Scenes combined

Hello everyone, here are the scenes in one post. A couple have been omitted because they are versions of the same scene.

1. First Scene, the opening:

Its a normal school afternoon at LNS, the bell has just gone to signal the end of the day, and a shot from the six form area shows children leaving the school. When the last of the children have descended from the school, a shot from the front of the school, saying London nautical school (showing were its set) pans to a window (Which gives the impression children are in there)

The shot then goes into a room were children are sitting a detention, boredom possessing them, and as time passes by, the children fidget , a fading in and out  shot shows time passing, eventually the silence breaks:

a teacher knocks on the door, the teacher holding the children in the detention signals him/her to come in, he/she murmurs to the teacher, the detention teachers face goes blank:

“Don’t you boys dare move a muscle, ill be back soon”. he/she then briefly collects everybody’s phone. The teacher closes the door, and quickly looks back at the children who stare straight back at him/her. the teacher frowns and locks the door. A rare second of silence commences, slowly and calmly, a boy starts to scrunch up a piece of paper which he had been writing lines on, he scans the classroom and locks on to a “geek” who is sitting up straight, well postured and on his third page of immaculately written lines. He is reading The lord of flies.

“Oi neek, catch” He shouts, the “geek” suddenly turns around only to receive a scrunched up piece of paper in his face, immediately the room is filled with laughter and scrunches up paper being thrown around the room, the class goes wild.

After hours of mayhem the children slouch in there chairs and start to become suspicious of the time its taken for the teacher to return.

“i swear this was only meant to be a half hour detention” The children around the boy frown. Little did they know this was a beginning to the longest night of their lives.

The ‘geek’  is now sobbing, half the class goes up to comfort him while the other giggles and start cussing him while another aggressor throws a metal sharpener at  his nose which causes him to bruise. the ‘good’ guys scowl aggressively at them. After intensive care from the good guys, the bad guys get bored:

“Ah. this is so dead, lets go man, were trapped here”. The bad boys get up, laughing at the injured boy and try to the open the door.

“its locked” one boy says, the boys are speechless for a second, realising the lights in the school have turned off and the exit is locked.

“were trapped in the school” again the boys are silent. suddenly a boy slams his foot on the door, nothing happens. The boys start shouting in distress.

“move out the way, man” a boy steppes back and lunges forward at the door, the door swings open and the bad boys cheer,   while the good boys groan over there rudeness and carelessness of the others

“so were trapped in the school, were are you lot actually going?”

“To have fun, unlike you neeks”, as the bad boys were leaving, they heard the good boys muttering about getting food…

“oi guys” one of the bad boys said to another “there going to take all the food, what are we gunna do?”

Some boys laughed,

“Mate, if you want to be with us, don’t act like a neek, well just take there food after they’ve got it”! He signals a stupid face at him, the others laugh”.

2. Staff room scene.

scene set:

The “bad” group all roughly enter the staff room and begin going through all the pigeon holes.

Steve, Zack, Ryan, sean.

Steve: Hey look, were only here to find our phones to get outa here.

(looking around the room hopefully.)

Ryan: Forget that, look at this computer. Its already logged in. I’m gonna to check out the emails.

(Running over to the computers and clicking quickly)

Zack: yeah there may be some saucy stuff on this stupid ting.

Ryan: Look there are love letters on here as well.

Zack:  Ooh look miss Lawrence posted a comment on Mr Kermit’s Facebook page.

Sean: It says (in high pitched voice) ” Will you go out with me to dinner”.

Ryan: (in a low posh voice) “of course darling, meet me at the school at 5″.

(they all look at the clock, they notice it is 10 past 5 and that they have missed there chance to escape)

Sean: we have missed our chance now if only we found this earlier.

Zack: (trying to act strong.) Don’t be silly,  someone will be here soon, won’t they?


3. The Canteen Scene:

Scene Set Up: Group (good) make their way into the canteen (pushing and shoving) after a split between the students.

Characters: Sean, Steve, Ryan, Zack


Zack: Hurry up, IM HUNGRY

Ryan: I can’t believe those goody two shoes went to go get their phones!

Sean: They better not steal my BB or they’re DEAD!

Steve: Okay, we’re here, calm down

ALL: FOOD (sprint towards canteen)

Ryan: Oh, some food, finally. And I didn’t have any breakfast this morning!

Zack: Shut up Ryan, if you haven’t realized so far, nobody ACTUALLY cares about you!

Ryan: Actually, Steve does because he KNOWS I’m a don (Nudges Steve)

Sean: Oh man all they have is fruit.

(All Groan)

Steve: You know, that’s actually pretty good once you try it.

(All Stare At Steve In Disgust)

Ryan: (pretends to cough in his fist) Moist

Steve: (looks at the ground) I was joking…

Zack: hey, Ryan (throws plum at Ryan) think fast

Canteen Entry Scene

(We are following the good group for now)

The group slowly roams across the school eventually ending up in the malone hall (where the canteen is).

Simon: Hey look the canteen, lets eat.

Larry: Remember to keep some for later.

John: Good thinking.

The boys examine and search for all the food they can find. The boys start to pick out and eat a little bit of the fruit (saving most for later)

Larry: Lets load all the food for later onto the trollies before the others get here and take it for themselves.

John: Dont worry they are probably pre-ocupied in the gym working out or something.

The boys start to load tins of food and fruit onto the trollies and go to the class room they are based in. They come back only to see the bad group searching through the last bits of food that they were going back for.

Steve; oh look who it is, if it aint larry and john.

Zack: Larry and john, sitting in a tree

John: shut up

All of the bad group starts to laugh and tease them.

Simon: Let them have the bits of food left we have the majority of the food anyway HA!!

The good group run away in panic.

4. Adi’s ‘destruction scene & Louie’s piano’

 [Sam’s edit: Louie breaks off from a group roaming the corridors. He finds the piano in the hall, and quietly sits down and starts playing (song undecided). It is this performance that is used for the music in the following scene.]

Two boys enter the room. they both scan the room, before smiling at each other. They both then go on a spree of destruction where they are ripping books off shelves. All the while Beethovens 9th  is playing. and the destruction goes on while the music is playing (slow motion shots of apprx 100fps).

Once they stop, they start weeping and Adi (from the good group) starts an appeal to them:


Come on! this is what you do? When civilisation starts to crack, this is what you do! You Neandathals, I can’t believe your the same race as Isaac Newton and Doctor King. We’re humans, we have survived for over 100,000 years and we’re not gonna give up now. Now get up, we are civilised beings, we are not harbingers of mayhem! We’re gifted with cerebrum and intellect. Lets try to get out instead of hating each other. I’m off, we’ve found a clue.

5. Fourth Scene (ending 1)

The Group is tired and exhausted having a long but exhausting clash, two of the characters from opposite groups stand up and look at the rising sun as it burned their faces.the boys lean against the window and one of them faint from dehydration, whilst the other one is looking outside seeing children entering the school.This the real part of the film as they are real pupils coming into the school (the school day starts ) . all the boys are running towards the door scratching at the doors and trying to get the other boy up from fainting.A teacher is trying to open the door to rescue the children that are trapped behind it. A shot of a bearded face scowls and walks out with only his back showing.The ending shows the man exiting the schools and taking a cab.

Aatif’s Ending (the ‘real’ intervenes)

We would have to start filming the real life at around 8.20am. Thats when evreyone starts to enter the schooland the playground gets packed. The main entrances are:

The Front Gate

The back entrance

the main door entrance

Pupils normally come into school through the front gate and the back entrance, whereas teachers come in through the main door entrance.  At the start of  school pupils commanly play football , play Nine square, eat breakfast in the malone hall and get ready to head off for swimming at  8.30 am.

We could have many shots of the reality doing these activities and teachers entering the school by the main door entrance.

The bad group could be in the malone hall sitting on chairs startled, as if they  just woke up from the sound of the normal school morning, and the good group could be at the main door entrance waiting for a teacher to open it. Then the day could start as a normal school day, and the boys have no choice but to start the day.



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  1. Christopher Waugh says :

    Got to say, put all together, this is a pretty impressive piece of work!


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