the rushes so far

I thought I would post everything we have filmed so far, so you all have a chance to view what we have filmed, think about what we need, and start to plan the edit.


5 responses to “the rushes so far”

  1. kaiafcgunner says :

    Really like that! seems we have got some serious potensial for a good short movie so far, and i can see what you mean when you say that not eveything has to be explained now sir!

  2. kaiafcgunner says :

    im not sure if you got my last comment, but also when is the update coming?

  3. MArk Reid says :

    This is great exciting stuff here. There’s lots of ‘real’ activity in the rushes – especially the writing of lines – it follows Exercise 2, to do an activity while talking to someone else – except here you’re all completely silent!

    The book fight is very realistic – are those real books?

  4. Michelle Cannon says :

    Well done guys. Some great ideas enacted – love the idea of the assault on the staff room, but also the idea of 2 of you sipping coffee quietly like teachers. I’d be interested to know if, as a result of watching the rushes, anyone has had any related inspiration on retakes, cut-aways, close-ups, sound etc?

  5. Michelle Cannon says :

    Reblogged this on BFI / Cinémathèque blog and commented:

    Sam posted a movie of all the rushes so that the boys can familiarise themselves with the material prior to editing. What a good idea?! Another great idea Sam had a few weeks ago was for them to improvise a few identified scenes and then edit those for practice.

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