Detention Scene, End SCENE, Food Scene

Detention Scene:

I must not bring my phone into school.

[Phone Sound.]

Headshot. DAS
Why would you do that? ED
Because…We Did! DAS
See you later.DAS
Come On. DAS
Get Out The WAY.RW
There is  No point. KM
are you ok. EG
im fine. AV
it doesnt look too bad. LK
yes. AV
i think were trapped. AV
try the window. KM
ebenezer go first. RW
hey guys there is a drop. DAS
watch out. all

food scene

guys we have some food. LK
oh thats brilliant. ED
here you go. AV
give me somthing give me somthing. ED
shouldnt we save this for later. EG
ok. AV
but im hungry. ED
he has a point. LK
i will protect our food you rest. AV

end scene

boys what are you doing get into school. TEACHER

Synopsis: This Short film is about the deterioration of the human behavior in a closed and traumatic environment. Though the film is only overnight, we try to explore how a group of well behaved adolescents turn into something more primitive…


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