Emils opening scene

Transcript subtitles for Opening scene!



The Bell goes and very soon, children rush down the staircase, as it is the end of the school day.


The viewers join a detention which is held in the basement, as they see a kid, is reading Lord of the Flies. We then see that the other children are writing lines reluctantly, for their punishment. We get close up shots of them and their sheets of paper. We then see that there is a teacher in the room, sitting on a chair cross-legged, showing a sense of power.


Then, a phone goes off, and the teacher picks up a nearby box, stands up, and collects phones from students. Once all the phones have been abducted, the teacher leaves the room.


Soon, students get restless, as the teacher doesn’t appear, hence the fact that the children get into groups.


One group tries to get out.


Reece says, “Get out the way!” While another kid pulls the door.

Reece also tells Kai (who is struggling with opening the door) that he is stronger than him and should leave the pulling to him.

Kai says that there is no point, as he later goes on to say, “He locked, it he locked it…”

Reece exclaims later “so what?” as he fly-kicks the door.

Other children try to open the door but fail. They mutter to themselves in frustration. But they then notice that there is a window in the room.


They rush to the window, open it, and Alex and Kai hold it up for the others to go through. Once Daniel is out of the building, he informs the others that there is a drop, and to be careful. We then see that Daniel and Ebenezer hold up the window for the remaining two boys, as they exit. They mutter, and then run awy from the scene!


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