Here’s the 10 minute edit, credits and colour work will be done before it’s sent to Paris on Monday.

Three points to consider:

1. the title/font – The chalkboard font seems appropriate for the themes, any thoughts?

2. a couple of cuts – Adi having paper thrown at him, and the joke about the metal sharpener. The sharpener joke didn’t seem to make sense without including the impressions of the teachers first, and there is quite a lot in the staff room scene anyway. With the paper being thrown in detention, perhaps its better to hold off from this – Adi gets things thrown at him at two other points, and I think it is also good to build up slowly to the bad behaviour, rather than as soon as the teacher leaves the room.

3. ‘The Real’ – any comments on this will be be really useful.
Is it presented too much as a series of quick shots? should it be less shots that are held for longer (allowing more ‘reality’ to be seen)?
Keeping it all outside in the playground hopefully adds to the contrast.
the last shot of the good group merging into reality seems a bit more subtle than the teacher telling them to get inside – any thought?


4 responses to “NO ESCAPE”

  1. kaiafcgunner says :

    WOOO! What a film, its really shaped out nicely, i came on the website on thursday when i got home to find the edit i should comment on but it wasnt there, i was then distracted and had just remembered about it today when i find this! i really enjoy it and all the problems have seemed to be resolved, being as critical as possible, there are a few continuity problems but to be honest only we would notice them, and i think there should be a tiny indication its acctually a new day, but thats just me being very picky! I only think that from the way as soon as the pips go we’re walking in the playground, but i would honestly rate it 10/10 🙂

    • samlawlor says :

      Hi Kai,
      Great comments to make. On your last point – are you suggesting inserting a shot after the pips of the group mixing with the ‘real’ inside the school, before the playground shots?

      If you have a suggestion, then there is a little bit of time before it is posted tomorrow.

      Thanks, Sam

  2. Michelle Cannon says :

    Love the way it’s turned out. I’d like to see the boys ‘mixing’ inside school too before playground shot. Not sure we need third wrist watch shot… 08:44 could be morning…. and the sunset makes it clear…

  3. markreid1895 says :

    Yes, this is really strong, and has solved lots of the problems we identified on Thursday. I hadn’t looked closely at the sunset shot – it’s fantastic!

    I was thinking through the ‘brief’ again. We have to make a film that starts with ‘the fiction’, then has ‘the real’ interrupt the story, then has the ‘real’ totally take over the story, and finally ‘the story’ reasserts itself over the real, and we return to the fiction.

    Do any of you (boys) think it goes through these stages – or different ones? We’ll have to answer this question, onstage, in Paris in two weeks, two days..

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